Air And Water Purifier Benefits Home Environment

Families seeking a healthier environment in their homes are turning to air and water purifiers to eliminate mold, germs and bacteria in the air they breathe and the water they drink and with which they cook.

Finding the right air and water purifier to fulfill their needs may take a little research to determine which type they want to use and ensure it will benefit the whole house. Many types exist which, could be considered point of use units, such as faucet filters and room air purifiers, but to benefit the entire home, whole house air and water purifiers may be what they are going to need.

Not just the size of the unit will have to be determined, how to attack the air and water borne bacteria in the best yet economical means will need decided. Filtering, which works for some, may seem effective for some and they choose ultraviolet air and water purifiers to clean up their environment.

Combining Methods Can Be Helpful

Perhaps your budget is a concern and your needs can be met by combining different types of air and water purifiers, for instance, a reverse osmosis whole house water filter and an ultraviolet air cleaner. The typical reverse osmosis system for the whole house contains several layers of membrane filters rolled into a cylinder through which water is forced before it enters the home’s supply availability. Typically, this type filter will clean between 50 and 60 gallons of water per day.

One of the biggest concerns in a home’s air supply is the presence of mold, germs, bacteria and fungus. It has been found that many of these spores reside in air ducts due to the available moisture and, warmth and darkness, a perfect breeding ground. When combined, air and water purifier can eliminate the majority of them in your house.

Placing an ultraviolet air purifier system in the ductwork can eliminate virtually all of the disease-causing bacteria in the house. For houses that have no ductwork, such as electrically heated homes, a place for germ growth may not be evident, but the disease-carrying bacteria are still present. Electronic air purifiers can be placed on countertops or mounted on the walls to filter the air. When investigating this type, make sure it has the ability to move the air through the room, as unless the air is moving through the filter it cannot be cleaned.

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