Alkaline Water Purifier Uses Ionization

There are many sources today claiming that an alkaline water purifier produces the absolutely cleanest, best tasting a healthiest water have a sound, yet unproven theory about the benefits of alkalinized water. Most units’ filtering systems do remove a majority of impurities.

There is little doubt that ionized water is free of disease-causing bacteria in many uses other than an alkaline water purifier, such as swimming pools and hot tubs. Ionizers have been shown to reduce the bacteria level in these waters tremendously. In addition, the theory behind the alkaline water purifier is that it kills the bacteria and, coupled with a good filtering system, can remove most contaminants as well.

During ionization, an alkaline water purifier a small, short burst of electricity is introduced through the water, creating positive ions, which attached themselves to the oxygen atoms, which results in the production of ozone and the death of microbial-sized bacteria. The associated odor following a lighting strike is ozone. Since most disease-carrying microbes require oxygen to live, they essentially suffocate.

Some alkaline water purifier units on the market today, utilize micro stone filters to trap impurities along with ultraviolet light to kill those too small for the filtering system. Generally a filter with a capability to filter as small as .0001 are required for the smallest of microbes, but .2 micron filters are the filtering industry standard.

Other Health Benefits Claimed

It is being claimed that water from an alkaline water purifier has other health benefits other than the elimination of contaminants. Some health professionals have joined the push for alkaline water purifier use, claiming it resulting water supply works as an antioxidant, the type of medications used in treating heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses currently controlled by chemical prescriptions.

Many promoting naturopathy or homeopathy suggests that drinking water from an alkaline water purifier can reduce the dependency on these drugs. There have also been claims made that running your drinking water through an alkaline water purifier can also work as an anti-aging agent, or even reverse aging.

However, before you throw away your pills and hook up an alkaline water purifier, it is recommended that you consult with your physician to determine if this method will be right for you. Trusting your entire health to one method of treatment may not be the wisest move without additional research into the effects of using an alkaline water purifier.

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