Did You Know That Aquarium And Tap Water Purifier Can Help Your Fish Stay Healthy?

If you are an amateur aquarium fish enthusiast, you will be often plagued by the problem of dying fish for no apparent reason. One day they will be active and fine, and the next they will be floating with their bellies up in the same aquarium. What kills them? Why do they die? These questions remain unanswered for many.

The Importance Of An Aquarium And Tap Water Purifier

I was lucky, though. My cousin who is a good 15 years older to me has had a giant aquarium for the last 10 years or so and he had gained plenty of experience on its maintenance and the fish. He was a walking encyclopedia when it came to fish breeding and feeding. One day, when he came visiting us he saw me struggling with my fish.

The first thing he told me was to check the chlorine concentration in our tap water. True enough, on checking, we found the levels extremely high. While chlorine is not harmful to humans, it is fatal for exotic aquarium fish. It is this way that I learned regarding the importance of having and using an aquarium and tap water purifier. Without such a device, I would need to keep the water in a bucket or many buckets (since my aquarium was quite large) for about 48 hours till the chlorine totally leaves the water, making it suitable for the fish.

I went out with my cousin the very next day and purchased a medium sized aquarium and tap water purifier which promised to last for six months without any maintenance or trouble. I installed it immediately and changed the water of my aquarium with the water I obtained from the aquarium and tap water purifier. I watched my fish the whole day that day, and the next day, and the next day. Only after the third day passed without any mishap I realized that the aquarium and tap water purifier really worked for me.

This is how I became successful at keeping aquarium fish. Ten years after, under the guidance of my cousin I opened my own aquarium fish pet shop and became an instant success in my neighborhood. My customers do no walk away only with fish from my shop; they also get advice and tips on how to maintain their aquarium and the fish they buy. Once a person is my customer, he or she becomes part of a family of exotic fish enthusiasts who share their experiences, joys, sorrows, and success stories with each other forever.

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