Backpacking Water Purifier Lightens Hiking Load

When you are out hoofing it through the trails or up a mountain, remaining hydrated is a constant concern. If the planned trip is for several days, carrying enough clean water may be an issue by adding several pounds to your load. Carrying a backpacking water purifier will undoubtedly be lighter and easier.

For short hikes, you might get away with a bottle or two of water, but to be on the trail for hours, or days, will require more. Water is not light and it is enough, sometimes to carry your food and other equipment. A backpacking water purifier can help lighten the load and offer a means of replenishing your water supply on the trail.

There are a few options available for backpacking water purifier systems; the smallest is simply a battery-operated ionization unit fitted into a lid about the same size and shape as the original one. The difference is the electronics and two small batteries fitted into the lid. With just a few ounces more weight, and no change in the size of the bottle, this backpacking water purifier can take its regular place with you gear.

Take Portability And Purity And Purity On Hike

There was a time when the only options open to having pure water while backpacking was to carry water-purifying tablets, either a chlorine-base or iodine. While the backpacking water purifier tablets rendered the water safe to drink, it did nothing for the taste. Most times the water tasted like either chlorine or iodine.

Filter-based backpacking water purifier units are small enough to carry, but most add more weight than most backpackers are willing to carry. However, unless you are willing to lug a few gallon jugs of water with you, a backpacking water purifier unit is a lighter and more manageable means to ensure you have safe drinking water on your hike.

The cool water in the stream may look clear and clean, and it may well be, but most people are not willing to take that chance. By carrying a backpacking water purifier on a hike you can dip water from the stream, let the unit do its job and feel confident about the water they drink.

Another option, if you will be backpacking from a base camp you plan to return to nightly, is to have a larger gravity water purifying unit with you in which water can be purified at the camp, ensuring you have a good supply while on the trail.

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