There Are Many Ways To Build A Water Purifier

There are times in life when, in spite of living in the computer age, you need to know some basic survival tactics. One among these is the knowledge of how to build a water purifier. Take, for example, that you are on a mountain trekking expedition and you run out of water. Do you know from where to get potable water? What would you do if you do not have any water source nearby which provides potable water? Do you know how to build a water purifier that can work in the most primitive conditions?

How To Build A Water Purifier The Indigenous Way?

There are many, many ways in which one can filter water with materials found freely in nature. Some of these materials are lime, sand, coal dust, gravel, any cotton fiber and so on which act as natural filters for water. In case you have access to earthen pots, these too can filter water effectively.

Recently a barefoot scientist had stumbled upon a new technique by which one could capture the sun’s UV rays to destroy all harmful bacteria with the help of only large earthen pots. The water purifiers build with this technology would have to be very large, i.e. it will need open-mouth, plate-type, shallow earthen pots which would be some 4-5 feet wide. These set at a certain angle against the east side, would get the first sun rays reflected in the water capturing its UV rays which would destroy all the bacteria in the water.

All this is possible without any electricity or modern equipment. The people, who understand the movement of the sun and the effects of its rays in their own indigenous way, can ensure the right angle without the help of any modern implement or equipment. This is one amazing way to build a water purifier and a very successful one at that.

Not all the methods of building a water purifier depend upon earthen pots. Most of the indigenous methods involve multiple filtering through different layers of earth, sand, lime, coal dust and other similar materials. The result is indeed sparkling clean water which is just as pure and safe to drink as the mineral water we are used to in cities.

Hence, even if we live in an almost automated world, it is always good to know some basics of survival, lest we will find ourselves unprepared when face-to-face with the vagaries of nature.

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