Camping Water Purifier Makes Outings Healthier

Finding yourself sitting in your tent at night with a stomachache may not be from eating bad food. It could be the water. Most campgrounds use a well to pump water out of the ground and lack any filtration system to clean it. A camping water purifier can provide clean, safe water for drinking and cooking without carrying a lot of extra equipment.

Remember the difference that a water filter is simply forcing water though a filter to remove unwanted substances from the water, typically about one micron in size. This is about the thickness of a human hair. A camping water purifier, whether by mechanical or chemical means, will also kill the disease-causing germs and bacteria in the water that may have caused the trouble with your stomach.

It has been shown that the mountain streams, lakes and rivers in North America are much safer than those in many other countries, it has also been found that many microbes, pathogens and cysts exist in most waters. A good camping water purifier can remove the majority of them. When shopping for a water filter, the industry standard is .2 microns, which means that nothing over .2 microns will get through.

Risk Not Worth Taking Chances

Another way to look at taking your chances in the wild is that it is possible to drink water directly from a stream or lake without becoming ill. It is also possible to ignore red lights while driving down a busy city street without getting into an accident. Most people believe that neither is worth the risk and carry a camping water purifier with them.

Chlorine and iodine are typically used to purify water chemically, and boiling the water is the time-tested means of destroying bacteria. When camping and using a water filter, it is recommended to boil the water for at least one minute before running it through a filter. This kills the bacteria and then removes any unwanted chemical or hard metal impurities that may be in the water. A camping water purifier can accomplish the same task in less time.

The smaller the filter size of a camping water purifier the better it will purify the water. Although more expensive, the result is generally cleaner and much safer drinking water supply. Even when cooking with boiling water, the food itself may not reach the recommended 185-degrees Fahrenheit, allowing some bacteria transferred from the water to food to survive.

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