What Would Be Your Choice For An Emergency Water Purifier?

There are many times when you find yourself away from civilization and the facilities and basic amenities you are used to. You could find yourself stranded by a storm on a tiny island in Hawaii. Things like this happened to tourists when the Tsunami hit the coasts unexpectedly, destroying everything in its path. You could be working as a volunteer where you have to cross hostile terrain to reach tiny hamlets of tribals in the mountains, or remote villages or hamlets. What would you do for water in such conditions? Are you ready with your emergency water purifier?

What Are Emergency Water Purifiers?

When you say ‘emergency water purifier’ it implies that this cannot be the standard way to purify water; rather it would be something that ensures the minimum requirements for survival. The emergency water purifier, in this case can be anything at all that can transform water from any source into you drinking water. Now, what can that be?

You could have purifying tablets which when put into a glass of water, or sometimes a bottle of water can make the water safe to drink within 10-20 minutes. You could use portable water filters which could be fit to any tap, or in the absence of a tap or a bottle or a container and have safe water ready in minutes. Any of the above could be an emergency water purifier. You could choose one or a combination of these choices to get your drinking water in any type of situation or place.

The emergency water purifier is best when you are on the move – say a trekking expedition, or a sailing adventure, or a camp in the woods where you are not assured of the purity of water. At that time, you will need something that can give you instant pure water. Of course, the best way to do so is still the oldest way, i.e. boiling it. However, sometimes, you may not have the opportunity or means to have the water boiled. Hence, the best alternative would then be your emergency water purifier.

In case you go out for camping or long surface travels, ensure that you always carry such emergency water purifier with you lest you will be faced with constraining situations where the purity of water would be questionable. Humans can last almost a fortnight without food, but would die within 48 hours without water. Take care that you can have drinking water wherever you go.

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