Hiking Water Purifier: Needed To Eliminate Impurities From Fresh Water

The hiker is very often in need of clean water to quench his or her thirst while out hiking and the importance of having water purification cannot be overemphasized. It has been revealed by the US Environmental Protection Agency that it is believed that as much as ninety percent of the fresh water of the world is contaminated and according to wilderness studies it has been found that back country illnesses are often a result of bacteria and viruses. So why risk drinking bad and contaminated drinking water when hiking water purifiers are available to protect one’s health?

Protects Against Viral Attacks

There are many hiking water purifiers and one should use them to get protection from viral attacks which are especially prevalent in the wilderness and should be used whenever one is out hiking. The Sweet Water Microfilter is able to remove waterborne bacteria as well as protozoan parasites and with the chlorine based Sweet Water Purifier Solution one can effectually inactivate any viruses that may be present in the drinking water. It has a number of features including inactivating viruses without any bad-tasting iodine and it can pump at a quick rate of flow that is measured at 1.25 liters per minute and by adding five drops of a water purifier solution in every liter, one can get optimal protection within five minutes.

There is also a lever-action pump handle having a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage as well as a dual pump action so there is no need to expend much energy in pumping the water and this hiking water purifier is also light in weight and only weighs 14 ounces. Also, the handle can be folded flat when it is not being used and provides easy package and storing capabilities. The main feature, however, is the fact that it can inactivate 99.99 percent of waterborne viruses and eliminates the same percentage of waterborne bacteria and common protozoan parasites which include giardia and cryptosporidia and also particulates, bad tastes and odors. This hiking water purifier can also take up to 750 liters.

This hiking water purifier compares well with water filters made by other manufacturers and the cost is also limited to no more than $75. It is also easy to carry in the rucksack and is especially useful because it does not weigh much and provides much needed protection to the hiker from contracting waterborne diseases.

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