Do Homemade Water Purifiers Work As Effectively As The Branded Ones In The Market?

If you happen to shop for a home water purifier, you will find that there are plenty of models available both branded and unbranded. There are water purifiers which use different types of technology, such as UV, reverse osmosis, carbon filters and so on, each priced differently. The overall pollution in the air and earth makes water filters a must-have commodity. However, is it required to always buy one from the store? What about homemade water purifiers? Are they okay?

The Arguments For Homemade Water Purifiers

In many Third World countries in Asia and Africa, people are not able to afford branded water filters. Hence, they have made their own homemade water purifiers and the overall picture looks good. The indigenous homemade water purifier works on the same concept (the branded filters actually borrowed the concept from these indigenous models) and they cost a tiny fraction of the actual cost of the water filters available in the market. This is why, for people who are economically challenged, using a homemade water purifier makes sense.

The homemade water purifier is a very good way to ensure that village people without electricity or access to modern technology still get potable water and avoid water-born diseases.

The other plus point for the use of homemade water purifier is that it uses and promotes indigenous knowledge which is, in many cases, extremely astute and accurate. There are many things that modern science can still learn from indigenous science – the most valuable lesson of which is that we are part of a larger eco-system and that we need to stay in tune with it to survive.

The Arguments Against Homemade Water Purifiers

There is only one thing that goes against the homemade water purifiers, and that is, these cannot be mass produced with the same quality control, though on small scale they are as good as any modern water filter.

Keeping in view the above, it seems that the homemade water purifiers are a good thing for the people who cannot afford the modern models and/or cannot run them due to lack of adequate infrastructure such as electricity, spare purifier accesories/filters/candles, modern plumbing methods and so on.

A homemade water purifier might not make much sense in an ultra modern city, but it is surely a life-saving device in remote villages and places where the modern world has not yet made full impact.

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