Take Your Portable Water Purifier Camping

Whenever people go camping, hiking, bike riding or plan to spend time in an area that a questionable supply of fresh water they will have a need for a portable water purifier. The also will not want to add a lot of extra weight to their equipment and an extra supply of filters.

The difference between portable water filter and portable water purifier are the same as in home-style equipment. A filter does just that; it puts the water through a filter. A portable water purifier, on the other hand, purifies the water through super-filtration methods, ionization, chemical or a combination of such.

There has been a replacement top developed for the bottles typically designed for bicyclists or hikers which actually is a portable water purifier in the lid. Since it replaces the existing led, it adds no more size to the bottle, and the small batteries used adds minimal weight. This also allows the bottle to be refilled with regular tap water, or from a spring, and have it purified without the need for chemicals.

Larger Units For Larger Jobs

Many campgrounds pull their water directly from a well and no one may be quite sure of its quality where health is concerned. Numerous companies have introduced portable water purifier systems, which can easily be hooked up the campground’s water supply and push it through micro filters to supply cleaner, healthier and better tasting water while you enjoy the outdoors.

It is known that the best method to purify water is to boil it for at least one minute to kill any bacterial contaminants, but this is not always feasible at the campground. If you want cool water mixing a cold drink, for example, you will have to wait until it cools enough for use. This is where one of many portable water purifiers can come in handy.

There is a gravity-fed unit into which the untreated water is poured into a funnel-like attachment and gravity forces it through a filtering system and out to a storage container. However, if the filter size is too large, over .1 micron for instance, some of the disease-carrying bacteria may still get through. It would take filters in a portable water purifier of at least .0004 microns to be assured that all bacteria are trapped in the filter.

Additionally, the smaller the filter, the more pressure will be needed for force the water through it and may not be practical when camping. To remedy this downfall, manufacturers have taken the basic idea and added a manual pump to the portable water purifier to help force it through a tighter filter.

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