UV Portable Water Purifier Great For Vacations

There is little debate on the advantages of using ultraviolet light to purify water against germs and bacteria, and whether camping or on the road, a UV portable water purifier can help guarantee the best drinking water available.

Utilizing ultraviolet light, in the 254-nanomicron wavelength, any organism in the water will be sterilized, effectively rendering it harmless. Typically, an ultraviolet light bulb is submerged into a water supply, emitting the germ-killed waves after it has been properly filtered. A UV portable water purifier works on the same principal of first filtering the water for longer-lasting effectiveness of the unit, and the exposing the germs to the light.

The UV light bulb is usually encased in a transparent housing, which allows the light to reach the water, but keeps it dry. Without filtering the water first, impurities in the water my create shadows, blocking the light from hitting the offending bacteria, allowing them to reproduce once they enter your body. The casing inside a UV portable water purifier may also become coated with some of the impurities, also blocking the light from doing its job.

Uses Not Limited To Camping

When traveling the quality of water may be questionable and small travel-size UV portable water purifier units can be carried in a suitcase and in motel, hotels or cabins to insure the best quality drinking water is available for your use. You will find coffee and other drinks often taste better if the water is purified. Some of the UV portable water purifiers also contain a filtering system to remove or impurities.

Since ultraviolet light is only effective against bacteria, protozoa and viruses, a UV portable water purifier will not remove other impurities in the water. Destinations that draw their water from an unfiltered supply, such as a lake or well, may contain contaminants, which could be harmful to your system. Their introduction into your UV portable water purifier could also block the UV rays from reaching their intended victims.

Whenever you use a UV portable water purifier it is always best to use the cleanest water available if no filtering system is available. Even bottled water should be purified if its source is questionable. There are no regulations concerning the filtering or purification of bottled water, only that it is sourced from a reliable water source which meets Environmental Protection Agency minimum standards, which means it could come from a company’s tap water.

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