UV Water Purifier Supplements: Home Filters

To be certain that all microorganisms are destroyed in your home’s water supply a UV water purifier may be added to your existing water filter. The use of ultraviolet light to kills bacteria has long been a common practice and is now readily available for whole-house systems.

The way it works is an ultraviolet lamp, encased in a transparent housing, is placed inside a water tank. The shortwave UV water purifier rays, typically in the 254 nanometer frequency, know as the germicidal range, alters the DNA structure of the microbes, rendering them sterile effectively halting their ability to reproduce. The cell is considered dead and is of no additional threat.

Ultraviolet rays are meant only for destroying bacteria and have no effect on organic contaminants or heavy metals. For clear, clean, water a UV water purifier needs to be used in conjunction with other water filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis to remove the other contaminants as well.

Whether your home is supplied by a commercial water system or draws its water locally from a well, or maybe a lake, a UV water purifier can destroy bacterial contamination that causes a variety of illnesses.

Advantages Include No Taste Alteration

One of the advantages of a UV water purifier is that it has no effect on the taste of the water. Since no chemicals are introduced into the system, the pH of the water remains unchanged and does not damage the plumbing or septic systems in the house. The only change is in reducing the bacterial count to zero. It is been shown that other impurities in the water can cause damage to plumbing.

Maintenance is also minimal as the only requirement is the periodic change of the ultraviolet light bulb. It is recommended to be changed annually as over time the light will lose its effectiveness. Additional changes mat be needed if the water filtration system cannot remove heavier contaminants as shadows in the water may halt the UV water purifier to get light through to effectively kill the germs.

The whole-house filtering system should be placed in the supply line first to remove the heavy metals and other physical contaminants before it enters the storage canister with the ultraviolet lamp enclosed. Allowing unfiltered water into the enclosure with the lamp may also cause the lamp’s housing to become covered with other products and hinder its ability to get through to the bacteria.

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