Water Bottle Purifier Eliminates Heavy Load

When going on a biking trip, or on a long trek up a mountain trail, having a supply of fresh water is paramount to remaining hydrated. A water bottle purifier can help meet the needs of clean water, while removing the need to carry heavy containers of water on your bike or on your back.

One type utilizes ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria in the water, allowing you to use water from questionable sources without the fear of illness from bacteria, viruses or protozoa being present. This type water bottle purifier introduces ultraviolet light into the water to render the germs sterile, essentially causing them to be unable to reproduce and growing inside your stomach.

Several companies offer a water bottle purifier where the inner workings are contained in the top, remaining close to the same size as your original bottle, which requires no additional space. They will even fit into the majority of bottle holders for bicycles. The small battery requirement, adds just a few ounces to the bottle’s weight, so it would be difficult to notice the difference between your regular bottle of water and a water bottle purifier.

This makes having a good supply of water convenient as you could refill the bottle with clear water from a variety of sources, even lakes and streams, without fear of contaminating your system. It should be remembered that a water bottle purifier does not filter water. Ultraviolet rays attack only bacterial germs and do nothing to other physical contaminants that may be present in the water.

Back-up Tablets May Be A Good Idea

In the event of battery failure, or hard deposit contamination of your water bottle purifier, chlorine or iodine water purification tablets may be good to have handy. They can still be used in your water bottle in the event the water bottle purifier fails for any reason. Again, hard physical contaminants will still be present in the unfiltered water, but it will be safe to drink.

Small gravity-fed filters, along with other, larger filters equipped with a pump to force the water through a filter, may be worth carrying if you believe any available water source may be too unpleasant to the taste or appearance, even after being treated in a water bottle purifier.

Between uses, it is a good idea to treat all water bottles, especially if you plan to use a water bottle purifier, with a sanitizer tablet to ensure any impurities that may grow there is removed before filling it with purified water.

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