Water Purifier Filter Replaces Boiling Need

Everyone has heard that the best method to be assured water is healthy enough to drink is to boil it for at least one minute. This proven method is known to kill every germ and disease-causing bacteria that may be present; however, it is not always practical.

A good water purifier filter can produce the same quality water from your faucet, trapping the bacteria in the filter. A water purifier filter is designed to do one thing; trap impurities and microbiological contaminants before they leave the faucet. This provides clear, clean water without fear of illness.

However, just as there are many types of purifiers, there are many types of water purifier filters on the market and choosing the right one for your water supply is important to achieve the desired end result. There are different size filters to remove different sized particles in the water. If your water is completely free of disease-carrying bacteria, a filter with openings of over .9 microns may remove enough the physical sediment to make you happy with its performance.

A majority of water purifier filters have openings of about .0004 microns, which is small enough to stop most of the disease-carrying microorganisms. Additionally this size filter can also capture other solid particles that are present in your water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Filters Stay Clean Longer

Designed for the U.S. Government in the 1970’s in hopes of desalinate seawater, reverse osmosis utilizes several layers of filtering membrane instead of the typical water purifier filter that filter to .0001 microns. Most units today, used for water filtration, also have the means for which the filters can be self-cleaning. The number of layers and their length vary, depending on the amount of water desired for use each day.

A typical reverse osmosis system for an average home will have about 20 layers that are 10 inches long to supply about 50 gallons per day. For commercial or industrial use, the rolled filter membranes may consist of up to 40 layers, 14 inches long to provide 100 gallons per day, or more.

The intake water can also be channeled to the membrane filter and be used to wash away the captured contaminants and into a drain to help the water purifier filters stay usable for a longer period. This type water purifier filter are intended for whole-house filtering systems and usually require professional installation.

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