A Water Purifier Ionizer Provides Quality Water At Affordable Prices

The MicroLite JP 107 is designed to be one of the best water purifier ionizers and is being sold in markets across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. This water purifier ionizer provides the very best in quality water and that too at very attractive prices and it has been redesigned to give more efficient as well as user-friendly performance and includes the Bio Stone Far InfraRed filter which is a quantum leap in the electronic water ionizer design. The need to have a water purifier ionizer stems from the fact that water from the tap is loaded with all manner of organic as well as inorganic chemicals and is energetically dead due to the long distances it needs to travel from the reservoir to the home through steel, concrete as well as plastic and copper pipes. The job of a water purifier ionizer is to bring the water back to life and this it does by first filtering out harmful compounds of the water including chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste as well as all manners of bacteria and this may necessitate the use of multi-stage activated carbon replenishable filters.

A Step Further

The better and more quality water purifier ionizers would take the whole process of purification a step further by not only filtering out the water impurities but also by passing the water through a BioStone which is a ceramic formed of the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline, which gives off infrared energy thus changing the tension of the surface of the water and enables the ionizer to be processed with less difficulty and also begins the negative ion creation process.

In addition, the better water purifier ionizers would also make use of Coral Calcium in the filter which helps the ionization when the water is deficient in minerals as is the case with tank water. To get more benign forms of liquid the calcium also can unite with sodium fluoride and by converting it to calcium fluoride achieves more fluidity. There is a good water purifier ionizer called the KYK Harmony which has been approved by the ministries of health of both Japan and Korea who have slightly higher standards than there US counterparts and these use many state-of-the-art components making them one of best and unique water purifier ionizers available on the market today.


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