The Water Purifier Rating Is Not Always The Only Way To Judge A Water Filter

It is true that the best way, in the modern world, to judge a water purifier is by the water purifier rating it has. However, this is not always the case. The water purifier rating standards work in cities where the modern technology can measure and give this rating accurately. What about those places where you will not find any modern facilities by which and with which you can measure the water purifier rating of water filters?

The Indigenous Water Filters And Water Purifier Ratings

You will find that in remote villages and backward regions, people are as astute and careful about the water they drink as their counterparts in the modern cities. While the 21st century city dwellers use up-to-date technology, the villagers in the Third World countries’ villages use their age-old indigenous knowledge with the same results – and sometimes, surprisingly so, better than the modern technology.

The water purifier rating for these indigenous water filters are the low mortality rate, low occurrence of water born diseases and low skin diseases problems. There are many ways the economically challenged people of tribal communities filter their water. Each way is applicable to the region they live in. Their understanding of nature is very deep and the application of this knowledge to their day-to-day life makes it possible for them to survive in the most hostile environments. Their style of filtering water, more often than not, is based on solid scientific principles, just as the modern water purifier is. Many of the today’s water purifiers use some or all the principles that these indigenous water filters use.

This is why the indigenous filters are considered as good as any modern one, even without a water purifier rating. Of course, one would not be able to use the indigenous one in modern environs, but then neither could a modern water purifier be used in village conditions either. There are many scientists who lived in these types of villages to learn about the lives of the aborigines, tribal, and other indigenous people and survived pretty well by adapting the life style the local populations they were observing.

Whether it was the water they drank, or the medicines they used when they fell sick, the preventive measures they followed, etc, almost all worked to perfection. This should make us stop and think, whether it is correct to call them primitive when their understanding and symbiosis with nature is so great. Who is more self-sufficient – the modern man with all his dependency on the latest technology or the indigenous man with his ability totally blend with the nature?

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